Flower Head Made With A Variation of the Quilt Block Star

Quilt Block Star Revisited.

In an earlier post I showed you how to fold the Quilt Block Star. In this post I wanted to show you a variation of the original Quilt Block Star. These were combined to create this beautiful flower head. It reminds me of a hydrangea bloom.

Variations on a common theme are often the source of developing whole new avenues of investigation and creativity. If you look closely at God’s Creation you will see many examples of variation all within the bounds of the various Biblical kinds God has created. We see birds with long and short bills, long and short legs, webbed and un-webbed feet, variations in color and size, and more. But they are all birds. All variations of the class Aves (birds).

Think of other examples through the various kinds of creatures. We even see this variety in the plants. One important thing to notice is that they can all be traced back to a common Creator. Each variation, in order to survive, must have each part of its body functional. Each variation has purpose. It is what would be accepted as standard operations if one believed in a common Creator.

As I fold paper and create new variations of folds I have previously explored, I am constantly reminded of the wonder of God’s creation. By taking a familiar model and trying new ways to modify the folds a lot of interesting forms can come. Why not try this approach in some of the Origami models you have folded over the years. I would love to see some of your new models.

See the original quilt blocks and the modified ones together. It takes 10 stars to make each blossom. (The original model can be found in my June 21, 2021 post entitled: “How To Fold An Origami Star Quilt Block.”)

Below you can see how to modify the original star quilt block . To see how to make the base unit see the first post. It will show you the previous steps. This slight modification changed the appearance quite a bit.