Catching a Limit of Trout

Just came back from fishing in the creek. Caught a limit of trout (7) in 45 minutes. I was in the right spot at the right time. Just after I arrived and claimed my spot on the shore, in rode the fish and game truck. The officer on the bank told me that they had placed 350 trout in the creek in this planting. Worms seemed to do the trick. Only lost one due to slippy skin. Right after this loss I caught a replacement and that made a limit.

What a beautiful fish species. They have so much color when they first emerge from the water. God used a great color pallet when designing the trout. One of the best tasting fish, it is also easy to clean. All you do is cut a slit up the belly from the vent to the head. Cut off the head and pull out the guts. After this, run your finger inside the body cavity up along the inside of the backbone to remove the blood line there. Rinse out the inside and outside of the fish and you have a fish ready to cook.  Some people like to leave the head on to make the fish look bigger. Either way, the fish will taste good fried up.

Check out the planting schedules from the Department of Fish and Game in your area. Prepare all the gear ahead of time including bait. Find out which baits work best in your locale by asking other fishermen on the bank or just watch and see what they are using.img_4083

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