Catching Bass at Clearlake, CA

One of my favorite places to fish was on my friend’s pier in Lakeport, CA.  I have probably caught more fish there than anywhere else on earth. Though I would often go in the evenings and sit under the stars while fishing for catfish, another fish species was active during the daytime. This was the Largemouth Bass. Sometimes I would use a purple plastic worm and cast it up against the tules and jerk it back toward the dock. The Bass would dart out and strike the worm and I would pull back and set the hook and have a fun battle reeling it in. On other days, like the day when I caught these Bass, they were hungry for night crawlers. There was a Bass tournament going on at the lake that day with a lot of Bass boats buzzing around the perimeter of the lake working the docks and tules. I just sat out on the pier and cast out the worm and waited for a  strike. This was in early spring when the fish are active.

It helps to have a net to land them or you often lose the fish when they shake the hook. With a limit of five fish, you can catch a yummy dinner. Bass meat is white and flakey and has a mild taste. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and it’s hard to beat.


img_4120 img_4123 img_4124 img_4125 img_4126 img_4129

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