Is This Your Lucky Day? Four-leaf Clovers

When I was a kid my parents thought of a way to get us outdoors and entertained. At first their plan seemed like a win-win: kids outside and some time to spend  alone without us kids in the way. The plan was:” Go out and see if you can find a four leaf clover. If you do, I will give you a nickle for everyone you find. “ Sounded great to us (back then you could buy a lot of candy for a nickle). The thing was, it didn’t take us that long to find four leaf clovers. Pretty soon we were making a lot of money. We were finding more than they could ever imagine.

We also heard many people say, finding a four leaf clover would bring us good luck. Of course, in our childlike innocence we thought that was entirely possible, since we were making a profit from finding them. As we took time to consider the concept of “good luck”, over time we came to realize that finding four leaf clovers and having good luck was merely a myth. Reading God’s Word, we found out that the “rain falls on the just as well as the unjust”. The real deal was God’s providence.

While watching the presentation below, think about what that means. It’s not luck, it’s God’s providence.

If you would like to fold your own origami four-leaf clover go to the origami section of the blog for instructions.


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