World’s Longest Leaper

Who Spit On This Plant?

Technically, this is spit.Well,  It is bubbles in the saliva of a Spit Bug. These little guys are very interesting. If you look inside the bubbles you will find the little insect larva that generates all the bubbles.


Why Do They Do This?

That is the big question.  To find out the rest of the story you will have to open the following Powerpoint and read all about it.


When you think of animals that leap, what first comes to mind? Probably frogs, grasshoppers, and kangaroos. However, do you know which creature is considered the greatest leaper of all? Can you imagine a creature that can withstand many more times the G forces created by a launch than even mankind? Then you will enjoy learning about the Spitbug which grows up to become the Froghopper insect.

Click below to open the Powerpoint presentation. You can also open it in Keynote, if you have that app.


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