Spike Form Construction

Explore the possibilities of using the origami fish base in new ways to create unusual origami sculptures:

I created this ten-pointed star using one of the four-sided double-pointed units.

To create the base form you need to follow the following folding procedure:

On the left side of the picture above you can see the four-sided double-pointed units. It takes four pieces of paper to form each spike, and takes 30 pieces of paper to create the ten-pointed star. Remember that a little glue goes a long way. Don’t use too much or it will take too long for the glue to set.

Here is another building base: the bird beak base.

To make this base you take two of the forms you made in the last project and glue them together into the bird beak shape. You can then combine them in many ways to create interesting spike forms like the one below. I will show it from many angles.

Glue them together to create interesting forms.

Here is another flower sculpture using the same units.

Combine seven of the above units to create a 3-D Star:

Below are a couple flower designs. You can interchange the bottom pieces to get different color combos.

What Can You Create Using These Forms?

Have you ever noticed that everything around you is made up of structural design units. These go clear down to the atomic level. The atoms combined allow for tremendous variation but sound structural integrity. The atoms then can be used to create compounds and more. Just like it takes thought to create origami construction units it took a Great Creator to design all of creation. If you look at living things you will also see evidence of a common Designer. Even though we see common parts like eyes, ears, legs, etc. we see a lot of variation in the ways these organs are combined. I’m glad that God chose to make many different kinds of animals, trees, fungi, Protists, and bacteria. All of these were created with a Devine purpose. It seems like the closer you look the more marvelous and complex the designs, clearly evidence of an awesome God.

As you explore creating new forms using these bases, take some time to consider God’s amazing design in your own body. He created you with a purpose and He wants you to be a reflection of His marvelous plan for the ages.

Psalm 139:14 and 17

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” …..”How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!”

If you take a few minutes to look up and read the rest of this Psalm of David, you can learn even more about God’s amazing creation of each individual and His bigger purpose for each life.

Show Me What You Can Do:

If you try using these origami building units, send me a picture to show me what you have created. I wonder just how many interesting things can be created by combining these units.

The two pictures above are a complete Wheel of the bird beak units that form a spike star.

By varying the color of the paper pieces you can create some amazing patterns like the following:

You can also create free-form sculpture like the following. I call this one “Fire”.

Below you can see four different star designs I have created using these same base units.

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