How to Make an Origami Four-Leaf Clover

In one of my previous posts I shared with you about the four-leaf clover. It’s not luck. It’s God’s providence. Even though the four-leaf clover can not bring you good luck, it can remind us of its Creator and how our relationship with Him is different from that of the world apart from Him. Each year, on St. Patrick’s Day, we see a lot of these clovers. Interestingly it is said that St. Patrick often used a the more common three-leaf clover to remind others of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

If you want to fold a four-leaf clover, follow these steps. It makes a fun ornament for St. Patrick’s Day.


Begin with a square of green paper. It doesn’t matter the size, just that it is square. Fold an X on one side of the paper and then turn it over and fold a cross on the middle. Now, turn it over and it should look like this:




Next, fold the four corners to the center. This is called a Blintz fold.

Next, turn the paper over and fold the four corners to the center again.



And next, yes, turn it over and Blintz the paper again. It should look like this:




Now we we need to form the leaves. On the way we will form a cross shape.  To do this we need to pop out the four corners and squash them flat.



Repeat this on all corners until you have a cross.



Now we we need to shape the leaves by crimping the edges of each side of the cross.


Now we need to pocket-fold these beveled corners inside the piece.


When completed it looks like this:


You can make it more 3-D by valley folding the middle cross shape and the squeezing the outside. This makes it hold its shape better.

Now all you need is a stem. This is the easiest part! Just cut a piece of paper into a rectangle and the fold it in half length-wise two times.


Finally, turn the top of the clover over and insert the stem into one of the pockets on the back of the clover.


And there you have it…a four-leaf clover! Make up a bunch and use them as party favors for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


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