Can You Walk On Water? This Bug Can!

On a recent trip to Missouri I spent some time down by a creek. I had walked a mile up the canyon and my wife wanted to go farther. I decided to wait stream-side while she went farther up the trail. While sitting down by the edge of the water I noticed an interesting creature. This creature was actually standing on the water and streaking around like an ice skater on the surface. As I watched it, it went out and intercepted an insect that had been caught in the water surface tension. I continued to keep my eyes on this creature and watch what was going on in its surroundings. What an amazing creature God created for this very environment. Is it helpful or harmful? How is it uniquely designed to live where it is found? Let me tell you more about this insect called by many names: Water-Strider, Jesus Bug, Water- Skater, and more.


Click below to open Powerpoint presentation.  You can also open it in Keynote, if you have that app.


Can You Walk On Water

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