Origami On The Tree: Keep It Simple!

Update on Earlier Post:

In an earlier post I showed you how to make  Eco-balls and suggested they might look good on a Christmas Tree as ornaments. I decided to try it this year and mix my origami balls with some of the other ornaments on the tree. Here is what it looks like:

Take A Closer Look:

Let me show you a few close-ups of some of the ornaments.



Use Large Sheets of Scrapbook Paper:

My wife suggested we choose some colorful scrapbook paper to get colors that would go well together. Since the paper is a little thicker than copy paper it holds its form better and makes durable ornaments. These should last for years if boxed up after Christmas with the other ornaments.

Simple Is Beautiful:

Sometimes just keeping your ornaments simple creates a wonderful look. Origami is wonderful for Christmas Ornaments, don’t you think? Why not make up some of your own to hand on your tree?

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